Qubilea helps you implement quality digital solutions that function smoothly, delight clients and enhance the company’s brand.

When using our testing services, based on high-standard Finnish expertise, we help you assure the quality of your digital solution for the benefit of clients and end users.

Mobiili- ja web-ratkaisujen testaus – Qubilea

Digital quality assurance

Qubilea specialises in software testing of digital solutions, particularly in mobile and web environments. We customise our testing service to speed up product development, while saving time, money and stress.

We believe digital quality is made of a good user experience and taking different end user scenarios into consideration in quality assurance. Consequently, we always design our testing procedures with the end user in mind, thereby preventing unsavoury surprises on end users’ screens.

In addition, we bring along a comprehensive collection of user devices and a toolkit offering solutions for test management and test automation.

Our testing services include

Quality assurance and testing processes for iOS and Android applications

Cross-device and cross-browser compatibility of web services

Testing tools and accessories

Our digital software testing comprises approximately 50 % investigative and 50 % functional testing. In our experience, investigative testing is the most efficient way to locate bugs that might pop up on the screen in front of the most demanding end users.

We are specialised in this. That is the reason why we are the best

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Hyväksyntätestaus Qubilea

Approval testing

One excellent cornerstone for client satisfaction is our approval testing service. With approval testing, we always inspect the product outside the box with attentive eyes, meaning that the focus for the project’s development meetings, testing plans and testing routines have not become blurred from testing the different properties of the application.

Hyvä käyttökokemus Qubilea Oy
Our clients often ask us for an approach where we report anything at all that can potentially cause even the smallest of software errors or compromise the user experience. In all our testing procedures, we utilise a comprehensive collection of user devices combined with strong practical experience, for instance with known properties and pitfalls of different mobile systems.

When testing websites, we use different desktop and mobile browsers, and always agree on the range of devices used before initiating the project.

The user experience is impacted not only by functionality, but also by content and service performance scalability. However, just as important are the accuracy of colour ranges, fonts and content.
Results are always reported in great detail using screenshots.

Depending on the scope of the project, the time used for a single approval testing round is approximately 5–12 man-days, during which we typically make 30–60 discoveries. The cost for a single discovery averages EUR 100, but once the bug has been fixed, the savings can be tenfold.

Our approval testing report contains fewer exclamation marks than the reports from end-users.

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Test automation Qubilea

Test automation

We build test automation solutions to suit specific recurring test requirements of the actual software testing, thus freeing testing resources for other important tasks. When getting a test automation solution from Qubilea, we will shape the quality assurance process to fit your solution. This enhances the team’s work efficiency and saves costs.

Mobile applications

In automated testing of mobile applications, it is normal to demand the test automation to conduct simultaneous tests on a number of devices, which is especially important for the Android platform. For Android and iOS applications, we customise a UI-based automation as, for instance, an Appium-based solution with support for a number of devices as a turnkey solution.

Although we favour physical test devices, the test automation solutions are compatible with the best-known mobile device clouds, thereby enabling a broader selection of test devices.

Web services

The most typical requirement for the automation of web services has to do with recurring functional testing, where role of test automation is meant to ensure that different sections of the website remain in perfect working condition with continual development. Using Robot Framework-based solutions, we are able to build a test automation to fit for mobile and desktop environments that makes it possible to run the desired testing content on specified browsers and devices.

In addition, many of our clients use the Usetrace automation solution of our partner, which is particularly suitable for automated testing of so-called desktop browser solutions. Cloud-based Usetrace can be brought into use very quickly and does not require development or management of separate test automation scripts. In fact, Qubilea is constantly co-operating with Usetrace.

Test automation process

1. Kick Off meeting

2. Documentation of test cases for automation

3. Building the test automation environment

4. Writing test cases as automation scripts

5. Testing of scripts and taking the system for production

Our test automation does not save you, but will make it easier for your development team to work and it will release more time for investigative testing.

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