Driving a tank through Pornainen!

Our workplace culture includes a variety of fun evenings and events organised here and then. It was once more time for one of these sessions, time for something new and

This is how I would sell our products if I could

Our sales article is something I find challenging to concisely encapsulate into words, i.e. quality assurance services for digital solutions. Those words contain so much content, that an engineer’s brain

The world of test automation: Robot Framework + Appium

In the most sugarcoated interpretation, test automation is regarded as being a superhero quality assurance procedure that fixes everything, that after commissioning into service removes the necessity for people to

Fishing pike-perch

We had a great evening event arranged by fishing services enterprise TheraFish on Lake Lohjanjärvi. The late-summer weather was superb on the lake, a calm summer’s evening perfect for this